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Recovery's Heart

"Recovery is not just conforming but forming a way to a better life. There are many ways to walk and the only wrong way is the one that does not work for you. Everyone's ideas matter, not just the ones who say most confidently what should matter. We are all part of what makes up this thing we call alcohol and drug recovery and in this diverse richness comes power to find a way out of this horrible struggle of addiction. If we listen, we will find that it is through each person's unique journey to recovery that we can eventually improve our understanding of addiction and come closer to knowing recovery's heart." - Recovery's Heart


​"I overheard a conversation once where the topic was discussing which recovery approach is most beneficial for someone looking for alcohol or drug help. There were as many answers as there were people but the one that caught my attention was from the person who said this: 'I can give you that answer in one word..... MOM.'" - T


"There is no other real way in which to prove we love a thing than by choosing it in preference to something else." - S


"The members of AA have been like the stars in the sky to me. I don't always see them but I know they are there." - N


"To speak of powerlessness to someone who has already been disempowered runs the chance of victimizing them again. Wether we want to admit it or not, the use of alcohol or drugs is not always because of a brain disease, but can be a way of coping for some who have experienced trauma or abuse. Drinking or drugging helps them bury that which they do not want to feel, so that they can live. To get sober means to feel again and face their trauma. This needs to be respected." - Recovery's Heart


"Dear God. Please give me what you were about to give me before I interrupted you with this prayer." - @twelvedrawings


"Addiction is the only medical disorder in which access to lifesaving drugs may be—and often is—denied because of noncompliance with unrelated elements of treatment, without fear of malpractice judgments." -