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"Treatment must understand that there is a predisposition in some to abuse alcohol or drugs but also understand that this alone does not make an alcoholic or addict. In my opinion, what we carry inside of us emotionally impacts the intensity and duration of the addiction more than the predisposition. Just like athletic genes don't make an athlete, intelligence genes don't make a scholar and a genetic disability doesn't inhibit some from achieving, similarly a predisposition to abuse alcohol or drugs doesn't make an alcoholic or addict." - Recovery's Heart


"Recovery doesn't have to be complicated once you realize it is basically treating the person in front of you with respect." - S



"The difference between us is not in the adversity which we encounter, but rather how we each meet the adversity.” - S

My Life

"Something to think about today.....One day you will ask me, which is more life or yours? I will say mine....and you will walk away, not knowing that you are my life." - G

Rainbows & Ponies

"There are no rainbows and ponies at the end of my story. I don't want that feel good shit, I want to hurt. Everyday I wake up, I remind myself of what I did so that I can feel the pain and never want to do it again." - K

Open Letter

"...When the going got tough, you just cowered away, too scared to confront your own demons. You had everyone else to blame, but you never took a second to think about what you were doing to us, no matter how much I begged and pleaded. You ripped our family apart. You fucked me up. What is a child to do when the one person in the whole world that is supposed to teach them love and affection hits them, tells them they’re worthless, and leaves them to fend for themselves?..." - An Open Letter