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The Broken

"Why do I trust myself to an addict in recovery? Because there is no bullshit. I like the broken, they understand how unreasonable life can be." - F

One Small Step

"Maybe some day the light from above will light me up even more and then I will cast a light that shows me the whole terrain. But even then I may find that I will still take the small steps in the same way as I did before. Even then with all that light, the journey may be the same. One small step at a time." - Living In Grace

Addiction's Gift

"This is addiction's gift.... I've hurt like you, so I can see you. Because I've gone to the deepest, darkest, scariest places, I can now lift you even higher." - S

Success & Failure

"... It is the recovery industry that fails people far more often than people fail in recovery... If treatment doesn’t work, the treatment is to blame, not the client. Substance use is the only area I’m aware of that blames treatment failure on the client...." TheFix


"I blame my Dad for all the hurt and pain he caused me by his drinking but I also blame him for how it all made me stronger." - S

The Battle

"The battle is always within. I've seen guys get through all sorts of hell, but not survive the moment they stop drinking and start thinking." - Sarge