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Unbroken Line

"There is an unbroken line from the stuff that creates people’s emotional pain 20 years earlier to the problems those same people face trying to get sober. That’s why so many addicts hit bottom with thoughts of suicide or even suicide attempts. People who believe they are priceless children of God, beacons of light worth cherishing, don’t try to kill themselves. People caught in self-pity, self-hate, isolation and pain do. Sometimes they succeed." - @soberultraman


"It's not that I don't get the concept of recovery, I just struggle with the living part of it. It's unfamiliar for me to not be sick." - E

Self Respect

"Jealousy stems from a lack of self-respect where as endless support w no agenda comes from self-confidence and respect." - @soberaltraman

Freedom From Addiction

"...About a year before I was finally able to quit, I fell into a coma and nearly died after an overdose. I was in treatment, again, at the time. Even after such a dire consequence as this, I went back to using again. It was the only "medicine" I knew that could make me feel just a little better for a while.
Over the years, even that "medicine" had stopped working very well and would only numb my painful feelings.
Finally, through what I see only as Grace, one day something new came over me -It was just an ordinary day. But I remember as I sat there in the living room of my parents house-- a new clarity came through. I can describe it in two parts: ...." - Todd


"Obligation/duty/shame are weak reasons to make a change in your substance use - they are the foundation of hasty low investment choices to quit that are abandoned as quickly as they were adopted." - @cleanslateblog

Ten Years

"One of the beautiful gifts of working a spiritual program of recovery is the gift of being "right-sized".  In this state of grace, the tendency towards self importance is simply not there and instead there is serenity." - Todd