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Freedom From Addiction

"...About a year before I was finally able to quit, I fell into a coma and nearly died after an overdose. I was in treatment, again, at the time. Even after such a dire consequence as this, I went back to using again. It was the only "medicine" I knew that could make me feel just a little better for a while.
Over the years, even that "medicine" had stopped working very well and would only numb my painful feelings.
Finally, through what I see only as Grace, one day something new came over me -It was just an ordinary day. But I remember as I sat there in the living room of my parents house-- a new clarity came through. I can describe it in two parts: ...." - Todd

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"Blaming your drinking on your problems is like blaming the devil on the dark." - F

Right Direction

"In recovery, you know you're heading in the right direction when you no longer want to look behind you." - T

A Family

"AA was not a group to me, but a family. It was the first time I felt that others accepted me unconditionally." - S