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Think Again

"I didn't know my own limitations, and because of this I had to hide. I shut my emotions out and went deep in my head. I got so disconnected from myself that I was forced to think again." - P


"Urges to drink are not your enemy to be extinguished but signals for you to dig deeper emotionally to find the root cause." - L

An Anesthesia

"Addicts are people who respond to the hard challenges of life—suicides, divorce, being unattractive, emotional abandonment—by taking their grief out on themselves. Drugs and alcohol are anesthesia to numb the pain so they can get through another day without slitting their wrists." - @Racing4Recovery

A Beacon Of Light

"When you are walking through hell, your internal fears, hurts, insecurities and weaknesses will become your best ally, like a shadow that shows you the way to the light." - Sarge


"I knew nothing else. Drinking was familiar. Sobriety scared me as I did not know how I would live or who I would be." - F