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"Muscles don't dance. People dance.
Eyes don't see. People see.
Brains don't want. People want." - @TheCleanSlateAddictionSite


"I wished every night that he would just go out and smoke a lot weed. Weed made him tired. When he was asleep he was safe." - A Parent

Fires Of Hell

"Only when I quit did I realize how important it is to find that hole in your soul. The devil was deeper than the drink and I kept the fires of hell at bay with a gulp and a swallow." - M


"When journaling, let your thoughts flow freely. It is the different moods, tone and pitch of what you write that will, over time, show you the melody of your life." - M


"May sound fucked up but sometimes just the knowing that I can drink or even kill myself is enough to give me hope that there are other options in life and I'm not stuck." - E


"If you got a guy who thinks recovery is great and that he's feeling awesome all the time be a little worried; that's not recovery mentality that's using mentality. An addict thinks things should be good even if they shouldn't." - R

Angel Of Reason

"...I’m not going to make a case for my selfishness. I’ve heard some addicts argue it wasn’t them, that it was the, “disease” – As if the “disease” somehow removes the angel of reason from their shoulder. Regardless of whether or not I have a disease, I made conscious decisions that hurt those most dear to me. I was at the wheel. Not anyone, or anything else. When desire didn’t rhyme with what I knew was right, I’d try hoodwinking myself on some bullshit rationalization that would make it easier to kick sand in the faces of those trying to help me.

So here I am today – my escape in a hostile landscape. A paradise in the desert. And all I had to do to get here was be completely selfish...." - Phoenix


“Be careful with humor. It should be wielded like fire. If you’re not using it for warmth, you’re using it destructively. - Phoenix

"Get" Him

"My brother overdosed at a rehab and they never took ownership as a program. Instead of trying harder to "get" him, they just blamed him for not getting their program." - L


"We have to make what we are doing bigger or we are swallowed up in the grief of what we have done. To give our struggle a higher cause can pull us up from the despair." - A

Convincing Others

"I knew you finally got what recovery is about when I heard you say, "Screw it, I'm tired of convincing others of my sobriety."" - An Old Drunk

A Family

"AA was not a group to me, but a family. It was the first time I felt that others accepted me unconditionally." - S


"When I sat on top of the hill contemplating suicide, you could say a moment came that saved me. I had been drinking all day and if it was not for the fact that I had to pee so bad, I may have pulled the trigger. I'm alive today because I stood outside my car pissing as a park ranger pulled up. Ironically, drinking saved me." - B


"Treatment's pride often misses the obvious thinking they know someone before they even walk through the doors. But you see, I've never met an ignorant addict." - An Old Drunk