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"As with many things in life: grief, insecurity, etc., fear is a stalker in our early years and as we mature, we learn to make it a companion.........and that's when mountains are moved." - My Brother


"When you quit, don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today as the rawness will wear off and the shell will start to harden again. Change needs rawness." - C


"There is no delete button for yesterday. Every thought and every act leaves a trace in the brain that creates the program called "tomorrow". - C

Bum Knee

"Everybody's always searching for the cause of their addiction. When they find it, they also find the pain doesn't leave. Recovery is learning to walk in spite of a bum knee." - F


"My goofiness growing up was because I did not know the words to tell you that there was more to life than the bubble you were living in." - T.


"Advice given to the scared produces anger. Confrontation will only fuel this fire. In recovery, seek to understand the emotion behind the behavior." - D

Terror Of My Mind

"Drugs numbed the terror of my mind. People were proud of me when I put the drugs down but what they didn't realize was that death was even closer now." - L


"Church and drinking can both have the same purpose of becoming rituals we use to pacify the demons." - T


"Sometimes when the world is shitting on you all you got the ability to do is shit on someone close to you." - T