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"Amends should not be used to gain a clear head and pure heart for this is a selfish motive. Amends should be used once you have gained a clear head and pure heart. You can know your motive is good when you can look back on your yesterday and not regret your actions." - S


"Remember in recovery that all ideas don't sound the same to everyone. For example, Heaven, the idea of something being forever, is hell for a guy with ADHD." - J


"Instead of blaming them for not wanting to quit,  ask yourself what you're uncomfortable hearing." - An Old Drunk


"Some things you want until you get them. Other things you don't know you need until their gone." - C


"It's not about you waiting until you get everything together. It's about you recognizing that you made a mess and you need to change some things." - L


"When I encounter a problem, I become a Heliotrope turning toward the sun and trusting that it is God’s will that I bear this cross. Then, I lower my head and ram through anything life throws at me." - T


"Explore the purpose of holding on to the pain. Challenge a possible need to be wounded so as to vindicate yourself from a past choice or hurt you inflicted." - A

The Dream

"I started using drugs when the dream got to close; I stopped using drugs when the dream seemed to be getting too far away." - R


"I'm tired of my negative mood decreasing the quality of my buzz. I'm going to start cherrypicking environments I smoke in to assure a better buzz." - T