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"Pick up a book, turn the pages but never read the story and you just described an addicts life." - An Old Drunk

Understand Me

"I wanted you to understand me, to draw some comparisons to yourself. This was the only way that you'd learn not to condemn me." - P


"Trying to control your thoughts is like trying to control ocean waves. The more you push down on them the more waves you make." - G


"We all got a dark part of ourselves we don't talk about. facing the light will keep that shadow behind you." - J

Self Despair

"Self despair is not a part of powerlessness and does not indicate you are doing a healthy personal inventory. It is a part of addictive thinking that still puts you at the center of everything."


"...another one down I reflect on my day, God knows my heart...and I need to find peace with that!" - Grace


"Looking back I'm realizing that a lot of what I had to deal with in recovery had nothing to do with my drinking." - H


"Sometimes I think joy is when I'm not doubting. But in reality, doubt has always been the catalyst to all my big adventures. And looking back, these adventures are what have brought me joy." - J


"Remember, when you take someone's disability away (ex. depression, addiction), you are taking away a primary means of how they have interacted and coped with this world." - K


"Expect resistance as one moves from the promises of recovery to recover itself. One is never thirsty at the border of a well."


"Regret has a way of convincing you to do things that make you look good, but you might not believe in." - S