This is dedicated to those who have touched the fires of life... To those who fall but stand back up. To those who get weak but find new strength. To those who break but rebuild themselves. To those who lose hope but believe again. This is for those who chance upon the recovery road. There is a life that awaits you... Your story matters. Write it.


We Can All Be Superheroes

"I want only to be me. The best me. I want to be observational, to see those in need, who are struggling, who are hurting, and to help them and reach out to them, without recognition or praise; this is my invisibility.

I want courage to stand up when needed, to be the barrier to bullying and injustices, and to never fear the consequence for defending another; this is my strength.

I want to be influential and compassionate and to give acceptance and encouragement to those who doubt their worth or ability; this is my mind control.

I want inspiration to be my motivation, and to see that action transform the actions of others, inwardly and outwardly; this is my flight.

I want to plant my feet firmly, extend an outward hand and find my deepest emotion, and say, "No." with conviction and promise when others are in harm's way; this is my immovable force.

I want to be impervious to the dredging, degradation, and judgment of others who would only see me fail; this is my shield against the elements.

I want those that I love, to always know that love, to feel that love, and for that love to thrive within their spirit; this is my immortality.

These, are my armour. Inherent ability would require only action whereas true and commendable character demands that we be more than simple voyeurs when we see a victim. Great moments come from those who are ordinary, and who act extraordinary.

These are my superpowers. I cannot be more earnest in this expression. We can all be superheroes."
- a.E.H.


Risk Management

"Drinking is a form of risk management." - S



"Recovery is inviting vulnerability into your life without knowing for sure just how you will handle it." - T


Tough Love

"Tough love is similar to poking a bee after you destroy its hive." - An Old Drunk


If It Wasn't

"If it wasn't the way it was and I didn't do what I did, then I couldn't now say what I say and help who I can now help." - C


Silent Witness

"The most powerful of messages can often be the one you didn't know was heard. Whatever you do, do it with dignity and as if there is a silent witness." - P



"Although I was miserable and unable to successfully resolve the problems I faced, I at least knew what to expect through the familiar experience of my drug use. The more life spun out of control, the more I came to depend on the predictability of my drugs." - E