"Piss in a cup and drink it everyday and you will know the mental compromises it takes to be an addict." - Sarge

This is dedicated to those who have touched the fires of life... To those who fall but stand back up. To those who get weak but find new strength. To those who break but rebuild themselves. To those who lose hope but believe again. This is for those who chance upon the recovery road. There is a life that awaits you. Your story matters. Write it...



"Mantras make you lazy and can become a weak substitution for work". -S



"It used to come and feed on me. And on my family. I was powerless to stop. Truth." - @twelvedrawings


A Meditation

"Take a deep breath......... while holding your breath, put all your fears, hurts and anxieties in it, keep holding your breath and when you feel you cannot hold it anymore, let all the growth, strength and positivity you achieved swell up in it.
Now blow it out.... Feel the air leave your body, mind, heart and soul and watch it rise up and dissipate into the sky. Imagine your breath rising higher and higher into something bigger and then being swept away across the lands by a gentle breeze only to be breathed in by someone else. What is done is no longer yours.
Now take a deep breath in...... This is all you own, to choose to breath again." - T



"Asking yourself the question, "What did I learn today?" makes life more manageable by emphasizing learning and growing not winning or losing." - R



"Addicts and alcoholics are so rarely dumb. But almost all of us have been terribly NUMB. And that is far more harmful to others." -@TwelveDrawings


"Easy" Days

"Damn, this sobriety is real work. Not like those "easy" days of lying, hurting, evading, cheating, fighting, begging, and manipulating." - @TwelveDrawings


Lost Dutchman's Treasure

"The psychological dependency I developed to stimulants was a sloppy attempt at covering up who I really am and avoiding the responsibility of learning to manage my own struggles with my God-given abilities. I did not find the Lost Dutchman’s treasure in the shadows of the Superstition Mountains. But I did find my own." - Phoenix


Something Deeper

"The more momentum I gain, the harder I make it on myself to go back.  I think perhaps the greatest lesson was learning that dependency on drugs was a symptom of something deeper.  I’ve been able to attack things I didn’t even realize were there." - Phoenix


Few Words

"If I formulated an opinion or response it made it easier for him to crush me emotionally. So I kept to simple responses, used few words and coddled the situation." - A wife



"I make storms out of raindrops." - P



"I've been re-scoring everything and everyone’s value.  I was giving far too much relevance in my life to the wrong things." - Phoenix



"An idea comes and goes in an addict quicker than a buzz." - B


Helping 101

"Every addict is not the same. Know your limitations when helping as their recovery depends on it." - G



"My imperfections allowed me to connect with many beautiful people who I would not have understood if I was perfect." - M



"Recovery is discovering what we missed." -N


Addiction & Faith

"Addiction is a selfish pull away from God that says, “I know the answer and I don’t trust that there is a better way”. Faith is an acknowledgement of fault and a trust in capabilities for something more. God could be said to be the ultimate faith and drugs and alcohol the ultimate fear." - T



"Often a setback can show you a more direct path to your destination." -D



"The more I drank, the more I became engraved in the thinking that it was other people's fault." - J



"It is not just about what you are doing, it's about who you are becoming in what you are doing." - P


Blame God

"Who wants to own the mess they created? Often it is just easier to simply blame God, be angry and continue to drink. To remain angry relieves you from the pressures to change or stop drinking." - T


Real Issues

"I lost my marriage because I was more focused on not drinking than dealing with the real issues between us." -D