This is dedicated to those who have touched the fires of life... To those who fall but stand back up. To those who get weak but find new strength. To those who break but rebuild themselves. To those who lose hope but believe again. This is for those who chance upon the recovery road. There is a life that awaits you... Your story matters. Write it.



"Experience is life's shadow. Learn from it, glance at it, but don't follow it for it leads no where. keep it behind you and you will always see the light." - T



"Our stories are the ladders that can help others touch the stars." - H



"Drinking was my antidote to unrealistic expectations I and others had of myself." - T


Anger & Hate

"Don't confuse anger with hate. You can still love someone even if your angry at them." - R


Character Defects

"Character defects define the depth and length of an addiction more than drugs do." - L


New Worlds Are Born

Don't fear confrontation, go into all you do with an open mind and heart.

... "We no longer need to fear arguments, confrontations or any kind of problems with ourselves or others. Even stars collide, and out of their crashing new worlds are born." - Charlie Chapman "As I Began To Love Myself"


Enlightenment & Trouble

"You will never be as smart as you are at the moment you hit your bottom. Enlightenment fades as troubles leave." - Pastor


Test The Integrity

"Engineers continually test the integrity of the structure they're building. God does the same with you." - W


The Dandelion

"When I first sobered up I felt like the dandelion in the garden."- A



"I didn't focus on sobriety and that is how I stayed sober." - V



"You want to get and stay sober? Help someone else do it." - Sarge


Poems & Songs

"Magical poems and heart songs are born from the harshest of life circumstances. It's as if life reminds us it will not be extinguished by using the pain to ignite the fiercest in imaginations." - An Artist


Your Head

"Read all the books you want, but sobriety or relapse boil down to two words - your head." - J



"Sometimes the only way to keep moving is to stay numb." - Abused


Bottle It

"Bottle it until it breaks. My dad is going to die before he figures out what he is running from." - Country


I Can't

"In recovery, 'I can't' becomes 'we can't'. It does not matter who thinks it." - Dr. T


Entire Lives

"People bring their entire lives into recovery not just the drinking part." - An Old Drunk


Regret Into Growth

"To the spouse of the alcoholic, this is my advice on how to turn regret into growth.... Stay in the moment and don't think too far out right now. Keep trying to do the right thing and (although it is hard) let your good judgement and heart lead, not your hurt or anger. When this is all over someday you need to be able to look back on it and know you did it well." - D